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the_emo_elite's Journal

Ever So Emofied
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Think you're emo?

This Community was created because all the good emo rating communities are for some reason being run by preps... it's sad really. "Like, OMG! I am SOO emo, STFU! I like weezer! Hee!" *giggles and buys trucker hat*.. Sorry, bitches. This place is for the real thing. Go back to your Barbies.

1. If you dont get accepted, get over it.
2. Don't promote your other communities here. We aren't interested. If you REALLY think they are worthwhile, email or IM a mod with the community link and maybe we'll help you out.
3. Don't bother applying if you have no idea what being "emo" means, please. No trucker hats or avril fans.
4. When applying, please DO put "hello, grab your bag, lets go." in the subject line or as your cut name. Just so we know that you read the rules, people. A technicality, really.
4a. Also, put your app under a CUT. Don't eat peoples friends lists.
4b. Bold your questions.
5. After being accepted, you may post what you want. Pictures and quizzes are to go UNDER LJ-CUTS, please. Post band news, and info for local bands. Whatev.
6. PROMOTE. Prove to us that you've promoted.
7. If you are rejected... wait 2 weeks. apply again.
8. You will be graded on your looks. What we mean by that is that if you apply here and your clothes are a&f or gap or something equally as lame... yeah, no. Sorry.

Name (Or Nickname).
Do you write.
Do you play guitar.
Your definition of emo.
Like any bands outside of emo. If so, who?

Thoughts on:
Gay rights.
George W Bush.

First pic, Your most Emo.
Second, Show off your style.
Third, Your time to shine, show us whatever you want.

This is Kerry.

She is teh emo hawtness.

This is Candice.

More emo hawtness, folks.



WARNING!: We may seem like bitches at times, but.. its because we are and/or we don't like you.