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hello, grab your bags, let's go.

Name: Stephanie
Age: 16
Local: Canada. . . The greatest and worst place to live.
Bands:Here we go. . . There's: Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Coheed & Cambria, Cursive, The Good Life, Dashboard Confessional, The Get Up Kids, The Early November, Matchbook Romance, The Pixies, Silver Scooter, Small Brown Bike, Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday and some more. I love Tim Kasher.
Movies:Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiss the Girls, Amélie.
Books:GingerBread, Jonathon Kellerman books, The dream where the losers go, and lots more. . .That I can't think of.

Do you write?I write mostly stories. I write short stories and not a lot of poetry though I try when I feel my most emo. But other than that I mostly read and listen to music.
Do you play guitar?No. I know how to play Twinkle Twinkle, but I like to play the piano. But I've always wanted to learn the guitar.
Your definition of emo: To me emo is not genre and a way to dress. If you slap on some chucks and some emo glasses it doesn't make you emo. I guess it's just like it's called. Emo=emotions. You need to be able to show them through music and through your self. And it's always okay to cry the emo tears. Every one does.
Like any bands outside of emo? If so, who? I like a lot of bands outside emo. I like some punk music (AFI, NOFX, Anti-Flag) because I listened to punk before I listened to emo. But I really like piano music. I love Beethoven. But mostly I stick to the emo.

Thoughts on Abortion: I am definately pro-choice. Even though teenagers and other really sexually active people should be using protection, if some one gets pregnant it's their choice whether to keep it. If I was some whorey drug dealer I would get an abortion not because I couldn't deal with it, but because it would be no place for a child to grow up in and we don't need any more screwed up kids. But if some one is just really skanky and has had 4 abortions because they didn't want to use protection or something dumb like that, then tough. Live with the consiquences. But really for me it depends on the situation.
Thoughts on Gay Rights: I don't think it's "Gay rights" I think they have a right as person I see nothing really different about gay people. They just made a choice. If you are in love what is any one going to do to stop it. And I think the whole uproar about it is just ridiculous.
Thoughts on George W. Bush: Well here I don't really have much to say because . . . I live in Manitoba. But he really is an idiot and if you can become president basically just because your dad was. . . well that's really pathetic. Hey Americans, let's shoot for some one who runs your country who isn't a drunk. Sorry.
First picture, most emo. I don't really have a really emo picture but this is the closest I could find.

Seconce picture, show off your style I don't really have much of a style. The things I wear almost everyday is basically my emo glasses, the blue chucks, and a band sweater and/or t-shirt. (Sorry about the crappy quality, I haven't quite mastered the picture in the mirror)

Third picture, your time to shine, show us what ever you want
This picture is just some thing I took when I first got my glasses in my room. And that poster in the backround just went in by total fluke. So I like it.

And I just want to put this one on here because I think it's the cutest ever. I don't look so great, but I'm with my little sister Keysha and she was a bunny and she took the picture all herself. I just think it's super cute.

Thanks for reading. It's pretty long. I hope you enjoy yourself.
*Thumbs up*
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