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Name (Or Nickname). Ashley, but my friends call me Smash-Attack.
Age. 15
Local. Coppell, TX. It's near Dallas.
Bands. The Faint, Bright Eyes, The Hope Conspiracy, Metric, The Unicorns, Cursive, Thursday (Pre-War All The Time)
Movies. Amelie, The Breakfast Club (or any other Molly Ringwald movie), The Elephant Man, The Notebook (I cried SO hard), Breakfast At Tiffany's (or any other Audrey Hepburn movie)
Books. Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem, Peace Like A River, basically any book. I love reading.
Do you write. Yes, but not poetry. I like writing stories and whatnot. I'm an awful poet so I've found that writing stories is much easier and I'm really good at it. I used to go to competitions for my writing and get first or second place.
Do you play guitar. I tried to learn but I didn't have anyone to teach me and I'm really bad at teaching things to myself so I gave up. But my friend Drake taught me how to play Frere Jacque on guitar a couple days ago!
Your definition of emo. Someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. They have feelings and they're not afraid to show them. It's an admirable thing, in my opininon. Especially in guys. If a guy is comfortable enough with himself as a man to cry in front of someone about losing his girlfriend or maybe talk non-stop about a girl he just met or WHATEVER, it's good that he's willing to share that with other people. Same with girls.
Like any bands outside of emo? If so, who? (I fixed that so there was a question mark. I'm a grammar freak, sorry.) I like all sorts of music. I like The Hope Conspiracy, Le Shok, there's a really good local band here called White Telephone and y'all should check them out on purevolume. I love Mirah with a passion. Rilo Kiley. GAH, I could go on forever.

Thoughts on:
I think it should be available to people with special circumstances (they were raped, childbirth would kill the mother, etc.) but it shouldn't be available to stupid teenagers who were too stupid not to use protection in the first place. Or to stupid adults. Whatever.
Gay rights. Gay people are people too. And this whole ban on gay marriage thing is just a bunch of bullshit. The whole thing with marriage is that you're supposed to be able to spend the rest of your life with the person that you love and being able to call that special person your "wife" or "husband" is what makes it so great. Gay people are just the same as everyone else. The only difference is that they prefer people of the same sex, while "straight" people prefer people of the opposite sex. I don't think that gay people should have MORE rights than heterosexual people, but they should just be treated equally. Right now, heterosexual people have more rights than homosexual people, and I don't think THAT's right, either. In the Declaration of Independence (I think) it says "We hold these truths self evident...that all men were created equal." If all men are created equal, then why are some allowed to marry and others aren't?
George W Bush. I believe that he sincerely is trying his hardest to drive America in the right direction. Unfortunately, what he thinks is the right direction isn't necessarily THE right direction. His vision of a perfect America is one filled with nice Christian people whose values are deeply imbedded in those Christian teachings that they believe in. Unfortunately, Bush's Christian values are blinding him from seeing what America really needs.

First pic, Your most Emo. I don't have many emo pictures of me. So I'll find a picture of me with my plastic glasses and maybe that'll be good enough.

Second, Show off your style. I'm going to post two because I don't have any specific "style". So I'll show you what I usually look like.

(That gray thing is Mrs. B, my chinchilla.)

Third, Your time to shine, show us whatever you want.

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